Voices of Change Come to HPMS


Following the performance of Voices of Change Silent Music: Music of the Holocaust on Sunday, April 28th held at SMU’s Caruth Auditorium, HPMS Band and Orchestra Students were treated to a live performance of a portion of the event on Monday, April 29th.

Violist Barbara Sudweeks and Harpist Emily Levin performed Boris Pigovat’s Silent Music, and Gideon Klein’s String Trio was performed by Violinist Maria Schleuning, Violist Barbara Sudweeks, and Cellist Kari Kettering.  While Pigovat was born after the Holocaust, his works reflect the sober legacy of some of his family members who perished in the Babi Yar massacres in 1941.  Klein died in one of the Polish camps in 1941 at the age of 26.

This performance is a tribute to the composers who perished in the Holocaust, and whose legacy will continue to live on through their music.

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