2018 Results for Region XX Philharmonic and Concert – Please note changes

We have been informed by the Region XX Orchestra Division Chair of changes to the new seatings in both Philharmonic and Concert Orchestras. All the students are the same but different chairs and two alternates have been added. Please direct all inquiries to Miss Willson, our Orchestra Director.

On Saturday, October 20th, our Highland Park Middle School Orchestra students auditioned for Region XX Philharmonic and Concert Orchestras at MacArthur High School. Of the 36 who auditioned, 34 have been accepted plus two alternates. Congratulations to these students!


Zeynep Akdora (viola), 8th, Chair 13

Alexandra Baroody (first violin), 8th, Chair 9

Dalton Burford (viola), 8th, Chair 6

Isabella Campos (second violin), 8th, Chair 22

Elizabeth Chen (first violin), 8th, Chair 17

Katherina Chen (cello), 8th, Chair 18

Linda Chen (cello), 8th, Chair 9

Justine Choi (first violin), 8th, Chair 4

Silas Choi (cello), 6th, Chair 4

Madeline Chun (viola), 8th, Principal Viola

Cecilia Coale (viola), 8th, Chair 10

William Covin (first violin), 8th, Chair 16

Kevin Ding (second violin), 8th, Chair 2

Caitlin Goh (first violin), 7th, Chair 6

Casey Hale  (cello), 8th, Chair 10

Vivian Jin (first violin), 8th, Chair 10

Madison Kelly (cello), 8th, Chair 11

Mia O’Neil (second violin), 8th, Chair 12

Sofia Patel ( first violin), 7th, Chair 20

Weitao Shi (first violin), 8th, Chair 12

Mediha Siddiqui (first violin), 7th, Chair 18

William Smith (cello), 8th, Chair 12

Luca Swaney (viola), 8th, Chair 19

Katie Wells (first violin), 8th, Chair 8

Casey Williams (cello), 8th, Chair 20

Timothy Zhang (first violin), 8th, Chair 5

Thomas Zhang (cello), 8th, Chair 6

Faith Zhao (first violin), 7th, Chair 15

Second Alternate: Oscar Choi (cello), 8th



Kate Brosnan (first violin), 7th, Chair 3

Praneel Cherukuri (viola), 7th, Chair 18

Emerson Piering (first violin), Chair 16

Alex Stucka (first violin), 7th, Chair 6

Laura Wiese (first violin), 7th, Chair 7

Olivia Xiao (first violin), 7th, Chair 9

Third Alternate: Myra Glass (cello), 7th
Please note the following: 
1) November 12th @ 7:00pm-8:30pm Sectionals at Houston Middle School
2) November 30th @ 6:30pm-9:00pm Clinic at Nimitz High School
3) December 1st @ 8:30am-3:00pm Clinic at Nimitz High School
4) December 1st @ 4:00pm Concert at Nimitz High School

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