Goodbye, ROBC 2018-2019 Hello 2019-2020

We are so appreciative of the outgoing Board Members (2018-2019) who have tirelessly worked behind the scenes from making sure our 300 tee shirts were printed and delivered to our faculty and students, picking up dozens of cupcakes from Bird Bakery for our fundraising events, generously donating J.D. Chippery cookies for our students after concerts, creating our first website and budget among countless other efforts.  They essentially gave their time, talent and resources for our students.  Due to a successful fundraising year, they were able to “gift” new violins and violas in addition to leaving the Board with a comfortable reserve to jumpstart the new year.


Susan Chun, Chair

Claudia Choi, Chair Elect and Publicity

Lin Lim, Treasurer

Anna Young, VP Development and Fundraiser

Marilisa Patel, Secretary

Margarita Coale, Activites Coordinator

Thank you so much!

For this coming school year, we have assembled an amazing group of dedicated parents who will be serving the orchestra community.  Our goal is to bring excitement to the students, boost the morale of orchestra, support Ms. Willson, and continue to fundraise.  We all agree that we want our orchestra to be impactful and a source of pride for our students, parent, faculty and community.


Claudia Choi, Chair

Stacey Ramos, Chair Elect

Winnie Song, Treasurer

Kristin Curry, Treasurer Elect

Carol Piering, Publicity

Stephanie Virag, VP Development and Fundraiser

Somer Glass, Secretary