Meet Your Raider Orchestra Director!

Meet Your Raider Orchestra Director!
Ms. Sarah Willson

Ms. Sarah Willson, HP Raider Orchestra Director

Q: What instrument do you love playing most?

A: Cello

Q: When did you start playing?

A: 8 years old

Q: When did you know you’d make a career of teaching music?

A: When I was in 6th grade, I was in the advanced orchestra at my school. My teacher would have me work with some of the other cello students in the class who needed help learning their music. I knew then that I wanted to do something music-related for the rest of my life, but I wasn’t sure what that would look like. When I was in college, I double-majored in cello performance and music education because I couldn’t decide what I loved doing more. I STILL haven’t decided, so now I just teach and play as much as I can.

Q: Do you play professionally outside of teaching?

A: Yes! I am the associate principal cellist in the Dallas Millennial Orchestra, and I also play bass in a country band.

Q: What do you love about teaching?

A: Being constantly surprised by the brilliance and humor of my students. There is never a dull moment!

Q: What advise do you have for your budding musicians?

A: ”They” say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. PRACTICE MATTERS.

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