Spotlight on Success – Max

8th Grader Max, Cello

8th grader, Max

Instrument and how many years played –
Cello, 4 years

Why do you enjoy playing this instrument –
I enjoy playing the cello because I like its rich sound. I also love hearing all of the different sounds from each string instrument coming together to form a unified sound. The teachers in orchestra are also really nice and make being in orchestra fun.

Favorite piece played during HPMS Orchestra –
My favorite piece that I played during HPMS Orchestra is In the Hall of the Mountain King, which I played for the 2019 orchestra Hauntcert.

Most memorable experience at HPMS orchestra –
My most memorable experience at Orchestra is most likely the waterpark field trip we had in 2019 at the end of my 6th grade.

Advice to future students considering orchestra –
I would highly recommend joining Orchestra, because it’s a fun experience, and it’s wonderful to hear all the different instruments coming together to play a piece.

Which musical artist of any genre would you most like to collaborate with –
I don’t have a favorite genre; the types of music I like are varied. I also like many composers, but I don’t have a specific compose who is my favorite.

Wishing you much success on your musical journey, Max! 🎼