Spring 2021 Dates! UIL Details

Hello Raider Orchestra Family,

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy during this time! I am so excited to share that the 7th and 8th grade orchestra students will get to participate in an “in-person” UIL Orchestra Contest! This will be our first in-person event of the year that will also be allowed a limited, live audience. 

Here are the details: 

The UIL event will be held at Highland Park High School on March 9th @  6p.m. Students will perform a concert portion and a sight-reading portion (both events will be recorded professionally and submitted to the state for official judging/ranking). The judges will listen to these recordings and evaluate our orchestras along with many others around the state. Trophies will be awarded to the orchestras that achieve the highest ratings. As we move closer to this event specific arrival times, schedule details and audience safety measures will be shared. 

After-School Rehearsals:

-Because of the unique nature of our situation, we must ask students to attend three after school rehearsals. This is the only opportunity that will allow all of our orchestra students (online and in-person) to rehearse as a complete group. Mr. Tran and I cannot stress how important this aspect will be to their contest preparation. We want to be evaluated on our best possible performance! Please see the event calendar for your student’s specific after-school scheduleOnline students can enter through the front office after school and head straight to the orchestra room. 

-Please email Ms. Willson with any questions or conflicts, so that they can be addressed. 

Formal Concert Uniforms: 

-Since all major events have been canceled thus far, your students may not have an appropriate formal uniform! Here are the dress requirements for this event: 


  •     Long-sleeved black button-up dress shirt
  •     Black dress pants
  •     Black socks
  •     Black dress shoes 
  •     (Ms. Willson will provide the traditional, red tie) 


  •     Long, formal orchestra dress (ordered through the Raider Orchestra Booster Club)
  •     Black socks
  •     Black dress shoes 

A note for 7th grade girls (or 8th grade girls that need a new dress): 

-We will be placing a formal dress order for all female orchestra members that do not have a black, orchestra dress on February 8th, 2020. Dresses are $80 dollars and can be paid for through our website under Student and Parent Resources:

-All 7th grade female students will be sized in class on Friday, February 5th by a dress company representative. Please email Ms. Willson if your 8th grade student needs to be sized as well.