Spotlight on Success – Silas


8th grader, Silas

Instrument and how many years played –
Cello, 6.5 years

Why do you enjoy playing this instrument –
I enjoy the cello for its deep and rich sound, and the ability to play on different clefs like bass, tenor and treble. You can be the engine and play the melodious tone in one piece.

Favorite piece played during HPMS Orchestra –
I enjoyed playing all the fun pieces at the Hauncert.

Most memorable experience at HPMS orchestra –
My most memorable experience is when I was selected first chair in Region 20 in 7th grade.

Advice to future students considering orchestra –
In the beginning, I found playing the cello as Type 1 fun. Meaning it’s fun learning something new but it required a lot of work that is not so much fun. But if you stick with it, you will discover Type 2 fun which is after all your hard work, you get to enjoy playing music.

Which musical artist of any genre would you most like to collaborate with –
Yo Yo Ma, Steven Isserlis, Mischa Maisky and 2Cellos.

Wishing you much success on your musical journey, Silas! 🎼