12 Students Selected in All-Region Orchestra

This 2021-22, we have 18 students who auditioned for All Region Orchestra. They worked hard to prepare, they demonstrated bravery and amazing musicianship during audition. 12 of the 18 were selected to be a part of the All-Region Orchestra!

Congratulations to our Raiders!

  • Alec Fang, Violin
  • Alex Liu, Cello
  • Angela Gonzalez, Cello
  • Bryce Chua, Violin
  • Cameron Liu, Viola
  • Deniz Dogan, Violin
  • Dominic Hamill, Violin
  • Dominic Willis, Violin
  • Eric Weinberg, Viola
  • Lillian Williams, Violin
  • Lucy Henrich, Viola
  • Montana Wulff, Bass