November 5th from 3:30-5:30pm.

What is Practice-A-Thon (PAT) to the students?

PAT is a time for all orchestra students to practice and socialize together. The students are learning so much between their fall concert and their winter concert that to them PAT is a time to learn, but also unwind and have fun! Each student will need to practice for 30 minutes during the 2-hour event so there is plenty of time to eat, play games, go on bounce house and more with friends.

What is PAT to the Orchestra organization?

It’s our biggest (and hope only) fundraiser of the year. We get minimum funding from HPISD which means we need to fill the gap. The gap is due to expenses like music, instruments, musical stands, social activities and buss’ to name a few. We need parent donations to help fill the gap. For PAT we are asking every student to find enough sponsors so he/she can donate $100 or more. If an issue arises, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Mitchell.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Students enlist as many sponsors as possible. Sponsor form found HERE.
    a. Sponsors can offer to donate any amount of money.
    b. Sponsors need to make the donation prior to the Practice-A-Thon.
  2. Students will send the donor a form that they will fill out and then pay their
    donation through paypal. This form will tally up based on the student’s name and
    class and allow them to receive donations from family and friends near and far!
    Students will be provided with the link, a qr code, and an email template they can
    use to reach out to donors! Donations are best made through paypal using the
    form below, but if a check must be made, it needs to be made out to the Raider
    Orchestra Booster Club for orchestra students or the Raider Band Booster Club
    for band students. The check also needs to include the name of the student it is
    going towards.
  3. The student will have a set 30 minute time slot to practice during the party that
    their family and friends have sponsored. They may also practice during the week
    leading up to the PAT for their sponsorship.
  4. There will be many fun events, such as a DJ with karaoke, a movie room, basketball & volleyball games, and inflatables (obstacle courses, bounce houses, etc.). We will have snacks, drinks, and pizza in the cafeteria for students as well. Students unable to attend the PAT may still collect contributions for the band/orchestra.
    To participate in the event, students must raise a minimum of $100 (per kid). There will
    be prizes for raising the most money and other categories.