6th Grade Orchestra

Our 6th grade orchestra is HPISD’s beginner orchestra!

When do they meet? During the school day, a 70 minute period will be divided into two separate blocks. Students will attend PE from 10:48 – 11:21 and will then go to their orchestra class from 11:25 AM – 11:58 AM every day.

What you can expect: At this level, your student is learning how to correctly hold their instrument, read music & rhythms, proper bowing / fingering techniques, working together as a group and so much more. By the end of the year, the students will be surprised at how much they learned & the songs they are playing (we encourage your student to take a video of themselves at regular intervals to see their progress!)

What’s next: At the end of the year, they may choose to continue into either the Philharmonic Orchestra or audition for the Honors Orchestra for their 7th grade elective.

Performances: 6th graders perform in concerts throughout the year including a fall, winter and spring concert! There are also informal performances that the students love to participate in as well such as the fun “Hauntcert” Halloween concert at NorthPark Mall, Barnes and Noble featured musicians, Practice-A-Thon and much more. Please visit the Home page to read through some of the posts photos to get more of an idea!

Other fun items: Each spring, 6th Grader students participate at a music contest at NRH20 Water Park. Informal after-school parties, rewards are sprinkled throughout the year to encourage students to have fun together outside of playing their instrument.

Requirements: Please refer to the Orchestra Handbook for all requirement details.

Supply Lists: